Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page Raltech Finishers Ltd have sought to answer common questions we receive about our services, what we can do, what we offer and such like.

Who are Raltech Finishers Ltd?

Raltech Finishers Ltd are a company made up of 2 partners and a team of specialists who have years of practical business experience behind them. Working partners in the business are Trevor Parkyn, and Robert Moore. Both men have years of professional experience behind them, and have teamed up to produce Raltech Finishers - a specialist powder coating and paint spraying company.

Where are Raltech Finishers based?

Raltech Finishers are based in Portsmouth, but our service area includes the whole of the United Kingdom. We offer clients throughout the UK various options to have only the best service possible.

What kind of services do Raltech Finishers offer?

Our range of services are wide and varied. We cover shot blasting, bead blasting, powder coating, wet finishing and hot zinc spraying. There is little we cannot do, and we will always advise you, never force you into any job.