Shot Blasting Chamber at Raltech Finishers in Portsmouth

Industrial Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting is the operation of cleaning, or preparing a surface ready to have a base primer applied before painting. A medium abrasive is applied against another material to make it smoother, removing any surface contaminations such as old paint, and milscale. This process returns the material back to a condition, ready for priming and surface coating. Our Portsmouth based workshop can blast clean items up to 7 metres in length.

Shot Blasting a car body at Raltech Finishers in Portsmouth

Professional Shot Blasting Services

Raltech Finishers offer a professional Shot Blasting service to the trade or general public in the Portsmouth area. Our shot blasting team have many years of experience in blast cleaning. We will ensure that your items are blast cleaned with the greatest of care, and expertise. Should you wish us then to add protective coatings to the parts, we also offer various ways to do this.

Who are Raltech Finishers Ltd

Who Are We?

Raltech Finishers

Raltech Finishers whilst a new company in its own right, is manned and staffed by a team of professionals with years of experience behind them.

Headed up by business partners Trevor Parkyn and Robert Moore, our specialist team are ready to serve your business needs.

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What Do We Do

What We Do

Raltech Finishers

Raltech Finishers provide various services to industry and private individuals looking for excellence and quality. We cover shot blasting, bead blasting, thermal hot zinc spraying. We cater for powder coating and wet painting, or wet spraying as some call it. Finishes can be applied to most types of metal, wood or plastic. We offer a collection and delivery service too.

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Where To Find Us

Raltech Finishers

You can call into our workshop located in Fitzherbert Spur, Farlington in Portsmouth. Our unit is situated within easy access from the A27, Eastern Road.

We are less than 3 minutes away from Sainsburys, B & M and Richmond Hyundai, right beside the Hopelake Foods depot just off Fitzherbert Road.

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